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The South Dakota State Fairgrounds is a 190 acre fairgrounds, that has up to 14 buildings with a total of 334,325 square feet and 9 campgrounds with over 1,200 electrical sites that can be rented. We can accommodate any event such as: National Camping Rallies, National Barrel Racings, Team Ropings, National Cattle Shows, 4-H Activities, Auctions, Wedding Ceremonies & Receptions and National Tractor Shows.

Below is a list of our buildings, if you would like more information on any building or date availability contact Paula Mom at the SD State Fair 605-353-7347 or email.

Nordby Exhibit Hall

Built in 2016, this 48,000 square foot facility is the perfect setting for trade shows, concerts, exhibitions, meetings, conventions, and other large and small gatherings.

  • Building: 48,000 total square feet
  • Main Exhibit Hall: 30,000 square feet
    • 4 sets of bleacher seating at 94 people each (optional)
    • Sound System
  • Classroom 1: 1,048 square feet
  • Classroom 2: 1,050 square feet
  • Classroom 3: 901 square feet
    • Note: Classroom 2 & 3 can be combined for a total of 1,951 square feet
  • Classroom 4: 901 square feet
  • Large kitchen

We’d love to host your function in the Nordby Exhibit Hall! If you are interested in renting the Nordby Exhibit Hall, please read over the Nordby Exhibit Hall Facility Use Guidelines and fill out the Nordby Exhibit Hall Use Form and return to the State Fair Office.

Nordby Exhibit Hall Facility Use Guidelines  Nordby Exhibit Hall Use Form

Nordby Exhibit Hall Exterior Nordby Exhibit Hall Event View 1 Nordby Exhibit Hall Event View 2

4-H Livestock Complex

  • Building: 194' x 320' = 62,080 square feet
  • Arena: Removable fence - Arena can be as large as 96' x 181'
  • Lighted
  • Seating for approximately 500
  • Office/Lunch Stand
  • Pens: 397
  • Pen Size: 7' x 5'
  • Outside Wash Racks
  • Close to Beef Tie Out: house up to 772 head of cattle
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    4-H Complex Outside  4-H Complex Arena 

    4-H Complex Stalls 

Beef Complex

  • Building: 160’ x600’= 96,000 square feet
  • Insulated Steel Building
  • Arena Size: Width: 97', Length can vary up to 600'
  • Option for having two arenas
  • Seating for approximately: 760, could add more bleachers if needed
  • Office: Air Conditioned
  • Lunch Stand
  • Restrooms (Handicapped Accessible)
  • Indoor/Outdoor Wash Racks
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Beef Complex Arena   Beef Complex Outside


  • Building: 180' x 280' - 50,400 square feet
  • Arena Size: 88' x 210'
  • Seating for approximately: 750, could add more bleachers if needed
  • Office: Air Conditioned
  • Lunch Stand
  • Restrooms/Showers (Handicapped Accessible)
  • Indoor Stalls: 106
  • Tack Stalls: 14

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Hippodrome Outside   Hippodrome Arena  Hippodrome  Stalls

Expo Building

  • Building: 140' x 105' = 14,700 square feet
  • Air Conditioned
  • Heated
  • Office
  • Lunch Stand
  • Restrooms (Handicapped Accessible)
  • PA System

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Expo Building Outside   Expo Building Inside

Women's Building

  • Commons: 104' x 100' = 10,400 square feet
  • Air Conditioned
  • Heated
  • Office/Lunch Stand
  • Kitchen Facilities
  • Glass Display Cases
  • Restrooms
  • Attached to an Auditorium
  •      Stage: 21' x 20'
  •      Seating for approx. 600
  •      PA System

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     Women's Building Outside Women's Building Kitchen  Women's Building Display Glasses 

    Women's Building Event Room

Family Living Center

  • Building: 160’x 120’ = 19,200 square feet
  • Back Rooms
  • Restrooms

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Family Living Center Outside  Family Living Center Inside  Family Living Center Event View 1 

Family Living Center Event View 2

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