Read and Win

The South Dakota State Fair has many components but two of the most important are youth and youth achievement. The State Fair is a place to gather to see youth achievement first hand, through things such as art projects, demonstrated talks, livestock shows, innovative creations, and much more. In an effort to honor achievement outside of the fair, we again want to partner up with school and public libraries from across the state to promote reading and honor achievement in reading.

To honor achievement in reading, we are offering free youth gate admission passes to the 2021 State Fair, September 2-September 6. You can use the free passes to supplement a current reading program or a whole new reading program can be started.

Thank you to Ag Performance for sponsoring the 2020 Read & Win program.

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For more information or to sign up contact Candi Briley at (605) 353-7354 or email.

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We will implement enhanced health and safety measures for our guests and staff members during the 2020 South Dakota State Fair.

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