Backrest Program

Be the first to buy South Dakota State Fair grandstand tickets through the backrest signage program. 

Businesses can advertise their business or individuals can put up family signage or signage in memory of a loved one.  A major benefit to purchasing signage is that backrest signage holders will have the opportunity to purchase South Dakota State Fair grandstand tickets prior to general and Friends of the Fair ticket sales.

You can choose to buy backrest signage in sets of the following: 4 seats, 5 seats, 9 seats, or 10 seats.  A full row consists of 29 seats.  The cost is $80/seat plus production and installation of signage.  This cost is for a total of three fairs.  After three fairs, your signage space will be up for renewal. 

For more information or to purchase backrest signage, please contact Candi Briley at the SD State Fair Office by phone (605) 353-7340 or email.