Friends of the Fair

About Friends of the Fair

  • Show your support to the South Dakota State Fair Park by becoming a Friend of the Fair!
  • As a Friend of the Fair, you will be directly impacting the future of the South Dakota State Fair Park. Money raised through the program will go directly to the South Dakota State Fair Foundation. The objective of the foundation is to raise funds for the preservation and renovation of the South Dakota State Fair Park.
  • Foundation funds will be used on special fair park projects and to enhance the amenities on the State Fair Park.
  • Friends of the Fair also have the opportunity to take advantage of a special presale on grandstand tickets.
  • The Friends of the Fair annual membership runs from January 1 to December 31.
  • Legacy Credits: Regardless of your level of participation in the Friends of the Fair program, your participation will also earn you Legacy Credits.
    These credits will accumulate annually and if you are interested in a South Dakota State Fair Grandstand VIP table, could increase your likelihood of being drawn for an opportunity to purchase a VIP table through an early bird offer in the future.  Legacy Credit Explanation

    Credits will be awarded based on your level of participation in the Friends of the Fair program, as follows:

    • Premium Friend of the Fair: 3 credits
    • Platinum Friends of Fair: 2 credits
    • Gold or Silver Friends of the Fair levels: 1 credit
2021 Friends of the Fair Registration Form

  • For more information on the Friends of the Fair program, contact Candi Briley at (605) 353-7354 or via email.
  • For more information on the South Dakota State Fair Foundation, log onto

Thank you for being a Friend of the Fair!


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