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Wednesday, September 2 - Channel Seeds Preview Day

Wednesday Schedule

Seedsmanship is what sets Channel apart from other seed brands. It’s our unmatched ability to provide you with the expert advice and customized service that helps get the most yield out of your acres. It’s being with you on your farm, assessing your conditions, diagnosing your challenges, then recommending the best solutions specific to your needs, year after year. That’s Seedsmanship At Work®. Enjoy the kick off to the fair with the carnival, good food, and great entertainment.

Thursday, September 3 - Value Added Ag Day

Thursday Schedule

It’s Value Added Ag Center Day at the State Fair! Welcome to a Perfect Vision of Fun with South Dakota’s value-added agriculture industry. All day long at the at the Day Sponsor tent you can see many different products and resources from across the state.

The VAADC helps producers start and expand companies that process and market products they grow to enhance their profit stream. We have several ventures displaying their products like – Hydrogreen live green feed, Schade Vineyard & Winery aronia juice, Redstone Creek Flour Mill’s white sorghum flour and Farm Life Creamery’s artisan farm to table cheese.

VAADC also helps clients tap additional resources that can support development and operational needs. Several of them are with us at the Day Sponsor Tents including USDA Rural Development, USDA Farm Service Agency, USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service, Small Business Administration, Hamlin County Conservation District, and SD Department of Tourism.

SD Associations play a significant role in many aspects of value-added ag production and marketing. You can connect with several of those affiliated with the VAADC today - SD Soybean Research & Promotion Council, SD Association of Cooperatives, SD Specialty Producers Association, SD Cattlemen’s Association, SD Poultry Industry Association, SD Sheep Growers and SD Agritourism Workgroup.

There are events all day long at the Day Sponsor Tents…check the State Fair schedule for topics and times. Come explore with us The Perfect Vision of Fun as we focus in on South Dakota’s value-added agriculture sector.

Support from East River Electric Cooperative, Farm Credit Services of America, SD Bankers Association, SD Association of Cooperatives, SD Farmers Union, SD Rural Electric Association, SD Soybean Research & Promotion Council, SD Wheat Commission, Agtegra Cooperative and USDA-Rural Development make VAADC services available to South Dakota farmers, ranchers, entrepreneurs and rural business owners.

Friday, September 4 - Prostrollo Motors Day

Friday Schedule

Stop by Prostrollo Motors Building to see the newest vehicles from Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac including a great selection of 2020 and 2021 Chevy and GMC pickups with model year-end discounts.  And we always try to throw in something different for you to view each year if you like older and interesting vehicles.  In addition, there will be special door prize drawings from Prostrollo’s during the Fair as well as free ice water on Friday, Prostrollo Day.  Don’t miss it!

Saturday, September 5 - South Dakota Farmers Union Day

Saturday Schedule

State’s Oldest Agriculture Organization Deeply Committed to South Dakota State Fair

Celebrate two South Dakota agriculture traditions during South Dakota Famers Union Day at the State Fair – Farm and Ranch families and the state’s oldest general agriculture organization. More than a century old, Farmers Union serves more than 19,000 South Dakota farm and ranch families. “As South Dakota’s oldest general agriculture organization, we’re proud to be the premiere sponsor of South Dakota’s oldest agriculture fair,” explains Karla Hofhenke, S.D. Farmers Union Executive Director. “Our organization focuses on supporting South Dakota family farmers and ranchers. They are who this fair is for and about.” Headquartered in Huron, SDFU does more than financially invest in the State Fair, over the decades, the organization has hosted forums, candidate debates and Farmer Share Lunches. Because the State Fair is a place where many youth gather, South Dakota Farmers Union also utilizes the venue as an opportunity to educate the next generation about farm safety. Partnering with FFA, they have hosted a Farm Safety Quiz Bowl and their interactive Farm Safety Trailer can be found on 3rd Street. “This is a rural state. Whether kids live on a farm or not, they will more than likely spend time on one,” Hofhenke explains. “The State Fair is where farm families come to learn and showcase the best of their crops and livestock. It is also where they catch up with old friends.”

Sunday, September 6 - Department of Public Safety Day

Sunday Schedule

The South Dakota Department of Public Safety will again sponsor DPS Day at the State Fair on Sunday, September 6. The theme this year is to be a safe driver whether on a motorcycle or in a vehicle. Slow down, pay attention, don’t speed, drive sober and wear a seat belt or helmet are the important messages. 

DPS staff members will be located from 9 AM -4 PM at the Day Tent site. There will be giveaways including free DPS hats and visors, free bottles of water, a chance to renew your driver license (remember to bring two documents proving your address) and the ever popular Highway Patrol dog demonstrations at 10 AM, 1 PM and 3 PM.

Stop by and see the staff of the Department of Public Safety. Most importantly, stay safe!

Monday, September 7 - Drive to End Hunger

7 AM - 11 AM: Bring a Canned Food Item To Any Gate and Receive $2 OFF Daily Gate Admission

Monday Schedule

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