Team Roping

Team Roping

Located in the Hippodrome

$1500 Added money and prizes including $500 added by the South Dakota State Fair

Open Roping
Enter at 9:00 AM with roping starting at 10:00 AM
$150 a man pick only
4 steer
85% payback

Big Money #11
Pick 1 draw 2 or draw 3 for $120
3 steer
+1-1 handicap 
#12 is an team
Capped at a 6+

Gold Buckle #9 
Pick 1 draw 2 or draw 3 for $100
+1-1 handicap
Capped at a 5+ roper
Trophy buckles to high money header and heeler!

Health papers required; no exceptions!

For more information, contact Jared Lynch (605) 212-8917

Category: Livestock
Friday, Sep 4
10:00 am

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