AUG 30 - SEP 3, 2018


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Deadline for livestock entries is August 1.


Waivers & W-9 Form
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Beef Premium Book

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Beef Fee Sheet Beef Results
Dairy Cattle

 Dairy Cattle Premium Book

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 Dairy Cattle Fee Sheet Dairy Cattle Results

Superintendent Results
Dairy Goats

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Swine Premium Book

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Swine Fee Sheet  Swine Results

                                                                     Thanks to Wilbur-Ellis for sponsoring the beef division.

Feed and Forage Policy

The fair shall operate its own feed and forage department to supply the exhibitors standard and high-grade products
at a reasonable cost.  Requests for unusual feed or feeds under patent or registered brands must be furnished to the
manager at least two weeks in advance of the date the feed is required.  Owners of stock or their help must pay for
feed with cash.

Barn Stalls Policy

Spaces in the barns may be used only for exhibit purposes.  Stalls may not be used for storage space for feed unless
the exhibitor has the prior approval of the superintendent of the department.