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SD's Largest Classroom

The fair is more than food and candy - it's about education. Get your kids involved in the SD State Fair, whether it's through education projects or the SD's Largest Classroom. The knowledge and memories they take from the experience will last a lifetime. 
SD's Largest Classroom Registration Form

What is the SD's Largest Classroom?

In 2004, the SD State Fair added an educational program that complimented the school curriculums. The SD's Largest Classroom was created around the notion that programs brought in for the two-day event would focus on math, science, reading and/or history. 

During their field trip, students are able to tour a variety of educational "learning centers." These learning centers teach students about science, agriculture, technology and much more! The most exciting part is that kids have the opportunity to learn hands-on and see exhibits that may not always be available to individual school districts with limited budgets.

SD's Largest Classroom Tidbits
  • The education program is FREE to students, teachers and chaperones.
  • Parking is FREE.
  • SD's Largest Classroom activities begin around 9:30 and end around at approximately 2:30.
  • Lunch will be provided for those participating in the classroom.

For more information or to sign up contact Candi Briley at (605) 353-7354 or email.

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