AUG 30 - SEP 3, 2018


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Miss SD State Fair

2016 Miss SD State Fair Carly Goodhart

My name is Carly Goodhart, and I am your Miss South Dakota State Fair! I am 21 years old, and proud to call Sisseton, South Dakota my hometown. I am currently a junior at South Dakota State University where I am studying Nursing, with a minor in Human Development & Family Studies.  I am very active in Greek Life at SDSU, being a proud member of Alpha Xi Delta.  I am also an advocate for Autism Speaks, an advocate for Heart Health, and an Ambassador for Children’s Miracle Network.

Two years ago I started competing in the Miss America Organization to raise awareness about heart health. Heart disease is the leading cause of death among men and women in the United States, and especially right here in South Dakota.  In fact, cardiovascular diseases claim more lives each year than every form of cancer combined.  If we look at the numbers, we see that every 34 seconds, someone in America has a heart attack.  Even more terrifying, every 60 seconds, a heart attack will take someone’s life. 

These statistics have always been more than just numbers for me.  In my 21 years, I have lost three loved ones due to massive heart attacks: my Aunt Linda lost her life at the age of 60, my Uncle Tom lost his life at the age of 49, and my cousin Heidi lost her life at the age of 20.  It pains me to know that if I would have been more educated about heart disease, I could have noticed the signs, helped them take preventative measures, and I could still have them here with me today.

That is exactly why I created my platform, “It Took Three: A Promotion of Heart Health.”  With this platform, I am able to educate folks across the state of South Dakota about the prevalence of heart disease, the modifiable risk factors and what we can do to eliminate those risks, and the importance of heart screenings and CPR certification.

While most Americans know that heart disease is an issue, majority believe that it cannot and will not happen to them. This is exactly what Tom, Linda, and Heidi thought.  The harsh truth is that heart disease does not care if you are 60, 49, or even 20 years old, like Heidi was.  80 percent of the time, heart disease is preventable.  By sharing my story, as well as using my nursing background to help educate about heart health promotion, I have made great strides in bringing awareness to this disease, as well as improving the heart health of South Dakotans.  I have never wanted anyone to have to lose a loved one before they realize how pertinent of an issue heart disease really is, because that is what it came down to for me: losing loved ones. And it took three. How many will it take you?


2016 Miss SD State Fair Outstanding Teen Karlee Krogman


Hi! I'm Karlee Krogman, and I'm ecstatic to spend my year of service as Miss SD State Fair's teen! I'm a 17 year old junior from Brookings with two brothers. My platform is "Specially Made in a Different Way" which advocates extra curricular activities for special needs kids. I'm so grateful for the opportunity this pageant has given me, and I can't wait to compete for the state title in June! I hope your year is filled with thrills, squeals, and Ferris wheels!

Karlee Krogman



Interested in competing in the Miss SD State Fair Scholarship Pageant?

Applications must be submitted to pageant director by August 15.
Checklist for contestant application paperwork submitted to pageant director:

  • Headshot photo (electronic)
  • Proof of SD residency and school fall schedule
  • Miss/Teen Resume
  • Platform Statement
  • Local Pageant Contract for State Fair Scholarship Pageant, signed and notorized

If Miss: CMNH donations total of $100 electronically submitted on website
If Teen: entrance fee
Indicate if you need a host home. Please bring 3 days of comfortable appearance clothes in case you win a title.
Contestant Forms and Paperwork
Children’s Miracle Network Information for Contestants

Miss SD State Fair Scholarship Pageant Director
Corolyn & Monica Knutson
(605) 690-2390