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Backrest Program

BackrestsIn an effort to improve the condition, appearance and comfort of the SD State Fair Grandstand, backrests were added to the grandstand bleachers.

Businesses can advertise their business or individuals can put up signage in memory of a loved one.  A major benefit to purchasing signage is that backrest signage holders will have the opportunity to purchase SD State Fair grandstand tickets prior to general and Friends of the Fair ticket sales.

You can choose to purchase a full or half backrest for your signage. A full backrest is 14'8". It spans ten seats or a whole row. A half row contains five seats. A full row costs $267 plus production and installation, while a half row costs $134 plus production and installation. The listed cost is for one fair. During this time, you would own the signage space but the SD State Fairgrounds would remain owner of the actual backrest.

Once the decision is made to purchase signage for a backrest, you will work with State Fair staff to decide on placement. Design of the signage will be handled by one of three companies that have partnered with the SD State Fair.

When the fair is over, your signage space will be up for renewal. At that time, you will have the option of renewing or allowing the fair to resell the backrest signage.

For more information, please contact Paula Mom at the SD State Fair Office by calling (605) 353-7340 or emailing her.


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