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Welcome to the SD State Fairgrounds where we host events year round! Make plans to attend the 132nd SD State Fair, August 31 - September 4, 2017! In the meantime, there are great events happening on the fairgrounds, such as SD Women's Expo, Wheel Jam, the SD BBQ Championships, livestock events, horse events and so much more! We'll see you there!

Our mission is to have the State Fair Park be seen as a successful year-round, family-friendly venue that showcases youth, achievement, agriculture and community.


Dog/Cat Policy

Per state statute 12:02:06:03 dogs and cats not allowed. Dogs and cats are not allowed on the fairgrounds unless they are part of an exhibit or kept in the campground area on a leash or are necessary for assistance to a handicapped person. Each animal area must be maintained and kept clean.

For pet safety concerns, pet owners should not leave their pets in vehicles when temperatures reach 68 degrees or above.  Any animals left in vehicles when temperatures are above 68 degrees may be seized by Animal Control.

Two-Wheeled and Track-Type Vehicles Policy

Two-wheeled vehicles, such as bicycles, motorcycles, and motorscooters, rollerblades, rollerskates, skateboards and two-wheel scooters are not allowed on the fairgrounds during fair week unless they are on display in an exhibit or are used by law enforcement officers or for escort purposes. Track-type vehicles, including snowmobiles, may not be operated anywhere on the fairgrounds at any time of the year without the express authorization of the secretary. The secretary may authorize the operation of any vehicle by fair employees or other personnel.

Designated Parking Area Policy

The secretary may designate parking areas for motor vehicles on the fairgrounds. Improperly parked vehicles may be towed away by fair police. Persons wishing to park on the fairgrounds shall purchase parking stickers at the administration office. Parking stickers can be purchased by persons with disabilities at the gate or at the administration office.

SD State Fair History

The first State Fair was held September 29 through October 2, 1885. It moved around to various cities throughout South Dakota until making Huron a permanent home in 1905.

Read more about the State Fair’s History

State Fair Commission

Warren Lotsberg – Chairman
Home: (605) 352-5660

Dusty Anderson - Vice-Chairman
Phone: (605) 661-8710
Pam Geppert
Phone: (605) 778-6227

Denise Muntefering
Home: (605) 928-3080
Work: (605) 928-3311

Loren Noess
Home: (605) 996-1976

Gary Sharp
Home: (605) 229-5231

Dick Shelton
Home: (605) 352-3399
Work: (605) 352-1300

Tom Harmon
Home: (605) 224-4659
Office: (605) 224-4659
Fax: (605) 224-4659
Peter Nielson
Phone: (605) 688-4167
Erin Yost

Cell: 605-770-7624
Work: (605) 778-6218

Faron Wahl
Home: (605) 357-8926

 Justin Bell
Cell: 605-222-2571