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Women's Building

Besides all of the static exhibits and vendors that call the Women's Building home during the State Fair, a full-sized kitchen and auditorium are also located in the building!  There are daily events at the kitchen and in the auditorium so make them a stopping point during the fair! 

A note from the Women's Building Superintendent:


We have added some new and exciting activities for your enjoyment in the Women's Building this year.


In addition to the Home Made Wine Contest, we have added a Home Made Beer Contest!!  This contest is open to all home made producers of wine and/or beer.  The contest will be held with open judging on Monday, September 3rd in the Women's Building Kitchen, with judging starting at 1:30 pm.  You will be able to watch the judging process, hear comments from the judges, and then sample the exhibitors wine and beer with some cheese and crackers after the judging process is complete and the awards handed out.   This should prove to be a fun afternoon for exhibitors, judges, and audience as well.  So, come, participate if you like to make your own wine or beer, or just be part of our audience to enjoy the afternoon.

Entries for the wine and beer contest must be received by August 17th with W-9 form and registration form to participate in the contest.  Entry forms can be obtained at Coborn's Liquor Dept in Huron, SD  and Coborn's, Mitchell, SD as well as at County Fair Foods Liquor Dept in Mitchell, SD.  You can also get registration forms from the SD State Fair Office or on-line. 


This year we have added a Home Made Pie Contest and a Cake Decorating Contest.  This contest will be held with open judging starting at 12:30 pm on Sunday, September 2nd in the Women's Building Kitchen.   You will be able to watch the judging process, hear comments from the judges, and then sample the exhibitors entries after the judging process is complete and awards  handed out.  There is no early registration for this contest.  Entries will be received on Sunday morning between 11:00 am thru 12:30 pm.  Entry forms will be completed at time of exhibit entry Sunday morning.   The home made pies must be made from scratch, with no canned fruit or filling and no frozen or purchased pie crust allowed.  The cake decoration must use the theme of the 100th Anniversary of the SD State Fair Grand Stand.  All cakes must be made from scratch, no box cakes and the frosting must also be from scratch, not canned.  Please check the requirements for both pie or cake decorating contest in the Static Exhibit Book on line or available at the Huron State Fair Office. 

We are excited about these new activities in the Women's Building and look forward to an enjoyable time Sunday and Monday with the exhibitors and audience alike! 


The Domestic Engineer Award has been renamed the Bert Stiner Domestic Engineer Award in memory of Bert Stiner.  Bert's family wanted to do something in honor of their wife and mother at the South Dakota State Fair, Women's Building.  Last year I was contacted by the family and we agreed that this was the best award that depicts the many, many years of her participation in the Women's Building as well as many community service organizations, church, and many other activities.

This award is the highest award one can received as an exhibitor in the Women's Building.  The Stiner Family is sponsoring this award and will continue to do so for many years to come.  They have donated a perpetual plaque for this award that will list each year's winner by name.  You will be able to see this plaque as you enter the Women's Building on the East wall.  Please make sure, when you come into the building to look at the plaque in Bert Stiner's honor.  The family will be present during the Pie and Cake Decorating contest and we will then announce the renaming of this award at that time.

So make sure you stop by the Women's Building while you are at the Fair this year and also enjoy the many demonstrations and presentations we have scheduled for your enjoyment in the Kitchen and Auditorium as well.  There will be many wonderful exhibits to look at, to include beautiful quilts, crafts, sewing projects, canned foods, and baked goods too!  There will be wonderful vendors to share their wonderful goods from health care, to home decorating items, to clothing, and let's not forget the wonderful coffee bar!  I look forward to seeing you all during the 2018 South Dakota State Fair!

Jo A. Freier
Superintendent, Women's Building
South Dakota State Fair

Thursday, August 30

10:30 AM- Healthy Home, Healthy You- Melaleuca Demonstration
12:00 PM- Coborn's Bakery Demonstraion- Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies & Cake Decorating
1:00 PM- "If Quilts Could Talk" Trunk Show
2:00 PM- Cooking Up Some Magic w/ South Dakota's Fresh Products hosted by Value Added Ag 
3:00 PM- Stamp N' Up
3:30-4PM- Whats New With Norwex - Norwex Demo
5:00 PM- SD Pork Producers' Cooking Demonstration- Breakfast Pizza


Thursday, Aug 30

Friday, August 31

9:30 AM- Break-Fast - Making Your Own Healthy Snack Bars Cooking Demonstration- Pam Linton
11:00 AM- All about Thieves- Young Cleaning Line
1:00 PM- Healthy Home, Healthy You -Melaleuca Shooting
2:30 PM- Cooking w/ Young Living Einkorn, an Ancient Grain
3:30 PM- Sew Your Own Style Show 


Friday, Aug 31

Saturday, September 1

10:00-11AM- All You Need to Know About Microfiber - Norwex Demo
10:00 AM
-Beauty without Compromise- Young Living Savvy Minerals and Skin Care
12:00 PM- Tastefully Simple Cooking Demonstration
12:30 PM- Healthy Home, Healthy You -  Melaleuca Demonstration
2:00 PM- Beauty without Compromise- Young Living Savvy Minerals and Skin Care
3:00 PM-SD Pork Producers Cooking Demonstration: Spicey Cranberry Pork Tenderloin


Saturday, Sep 1

Coloring Contest

  • Colored page must be entered in person at the 2018 SD State Fair Women’s Building, Thursday, August 30th - Sunday, September 2nd. Winners will be selected Monday, September 3rd and notified by phone / mail.

Coloring Contest

Saturday, Sep 1

Sunday, Sep 2

Sunday, September 2

9:00 AM- Catholic Mass 
11AM-2PM- Open Class Cake Decorating Competition
11AM-2PM- Open Class Homeade Pie Competition
1:00 PM- Stamp N' Up
3:00 PM- Slash Your Stash -The Pin Cushion
3:30 PM- SD Pork Producers Cooking Demonstration: All Star Pork Meatballs


Sunday, Sep 2

Monday, September 3

11AM- Starting Your Wellness Journey: Intro to Young Living Essential Oils
1:00 PM- Open Class Homeade Beer and Wine Competition 

Monday, Sep 3
1:00 pm

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